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  1. Why buy a Ford Protect extended service plan now instead of waiting closer to when my New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires?
    The earlier you purchase this valuable coverage, the less it could cost you. Plan quotes are based on the calculation of time and miles. Over time, pricing can increase, plus there are surcharges added to the price for purchases made after vehicle delivery, so purchasing early can save you money. Another great reason to purchase early is your Ford Protect plan provides added benefits your New Vehicle Limited Warranty might not offer:
    • Car rental benefits
    • Trip interruption benefits
    • Emergency Roadside Assistance
    • Key fob and lighting coverage that may not be covered under your New Vehicle Limited Warranty
    • Transferable coverage
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  2. Can I purchase a plan after my manufacturer's warranty expires?
    There is a small grace period to purchase a Ford Protect plan after your New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires, but a surcharge is added to the price, costing you more if you wait. When your vehicle is outside of your New Vehicle Limited Warranty, you could incur an inspection fee to confirm eligibility for coverage.
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  3. Is this a Ford plan?
    Yes, Ford and Lincoln Protect are the plans offered by Ford Motor Company. Purchasing a Ford-backed plan affords you comprehensive coverage from the company that built your vehicle. Other benefits include:
    • Service provided at Ford and Lincoln dealerships in the U.S., Canada and Mexico
    • Ford-authorized parts used when repairing your vehicle
    • Repairs performed by Ford factory-trained and certified technicians who know your vehicle
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  4. What are the recognizable differences between leading third-party providers and Ford Protect extended service plans?
    • Ford Protect extended service plans are honored at ALL Ford and Lincoln dealerships in the U.S., Canada and Mexico; third-party providers may not be honored at all Ford and Lincoln dealerships
    • Ford plans utilize Ford-authorized parts; third-party providers may not use Ford-authorized parts
    • Ford plans have a $0 deductible option; lowest deductible option for third-party plan may be $100
    • Ford plans offer coverage up to 175,000 miles (up to 150,000 for all-electric vehicles); third-party plans may only be available up to 125,000 miles
    • Ford plans use Ford factory-trained technicians for vehicle repairs; third-party providers may not use Ford factory-trained technicians
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  5. Why am I receiving this letter?
    Our records show you did not take advantage of adding this valuable coverage when you purchased your vehicle. These letters are designed to provide you the needed information to make an educated decision to extend coverage after your New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires.
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  6. I thought I already had a plan?
    Our records show you did not purchase a Ford-backed vehicle service contract. Dealers are independently owned and operated and may sell a non-Ford plan and not the genuine Ford Protect plans.
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  7. How will the dealership know I have coverage?
    Unlike many third-party plans, Ford Protect extended service plans provide easy service for you and your vehicle. Simply take your vehicle to any Ford or Lincoln dealership throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Your service advisor will enter your VIN in a Ford system, and your Ford Protect plan will be listed. You will only have to pay your nominal deductible (if any) for covered repairs. That’s it, you will be protected from the rising cost of vehicle repair expenses for the life of your plan!
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  8. This is just like the warranty, right?
    The manufacturer's warranty is a promise to make any repairs or replace defective parts during a specified period of time upon purchase; cost is included in the price of the vehicle. A Ford Protect extended service plan will help fix or maintain your vehicle for a specific time after your manufacturer's warranty expires, plus providing complimentary benefits (rental car, emergency roadside assistance, lighting and key fob replacement).
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  9. Are there finance plans available?
    Yes, we offer several plans including a $0 interest finance option for those that qualify. We also offer monthly payment plans with no credit checks.
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